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How Important is Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene is necessary for eliminating bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria builds to form plaque that can harden and lead to long-term ailments such as gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, and periodontal disease if it is not removed. A good dental care routine and regular check ups will keep your mouth healthy and prevent inflammation, infection, decay, and tooth loss.

Why Get a Dental Exam?

Dental exams give us the opportunity to evaluate your current methods of dental care and provide suggestions for future care in order to protect you from complications such as cavities and gum disease. They also allow us to detect problems early so they can be fixed quickly and easily.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Exam?

Dental exams should generally take place every six months. However, consult with our team to decide how often you should be examined, for we may suggest that you visit more frequently based on factors such as smoking, frequency of cavities, and genetic susceptibility to tooth and root decay as well as gum disease.

What Can I Expect From a Dental Exam?

At a typical dental exam, our team will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing any surface stains or deposits, called tartar or calculus, that are more difficult to remove than plaque and require the assistance of professional dental instruments. We will also check for signs of decay or gum disease. An X-ray may be performed to provide a more detailed summary of your oral health and to more closely identify any problems. We will ask you questions about your current methods of dental care, such as how often you brush your teeth, and floss, as well as whether you use a toothpaste with fluoride. With this information in mind, we will demonstrate proper dental care and provide suggestions on how to improve your habits to promote optimal oral health.

How Can You Prepare For a Dental Exam?

The best way to prepare for a dental exam is to practice good dental care. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day is recommended. Be sure to clean your teeth before you arrive at your appointment. Our team will be cleaning your teeth for you, but it is helpful to remove food and plaque beforehand so we can focus on the more difficult-to-clean areas. You also want to make sure you are prepared to share pertinent information such as your medical history, insurance coverage and current dental care methods with us. Don’t be embarrassed to be honest about your oral health habits – our team is not here to judge you, but to work with you to improve your habits and ensure dental health! Lastly, be prepared to schedule a follow-up appointment or future check-up at the end of your dental exam.

Patient Reviews: Dental Exam & Check Up

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Minot Dental Partners

5 out of 5 stars based on 61 Dental Exam Checkup reviews.

Patient Review by Sheyanna A

I had a really pleasant experience. The doctor and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me make an educated decision about my teeth.

- Sheyanna A

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Elly K

Cheyenne, who cleans my teeth is one of the best! She is so friendly, makes you feel comfortable while doing an excellent & careful job of cleaning my teeth. She. Answers all my questions & offers help in improving my hygiene!

- Elly K

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Karla H

It was the best experience I have ever had at the Dentist. I don’t care to go to the Dentist. Your staff made me feel at ease and very comfortableXO

- Karla H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by lana b

fast, sealants needed done day of checkup. no additional fees or scams, authentic

- lana b

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by addison b

fast, efficient, informative, referral given immediately.

- addison b

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Channing T

Staff was very nice and welcoming.

- Channing T

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Zdenek S

Very friendly! Great experience

- Zdenek S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Gary M

Very good explanation of upcoming procedure-cost, & involving me in decision making.

- Gary M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Keigan S

Awesome people to work with!

- Keigan S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Aubrie Z

I love that options are discussed openly, pros and cons are given for each option- and my opinion matters

- Aubrie Z

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Brekka N

Very nice employees!

- Brekka N

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Mary G

Every single person at Minot Dental Partners was wonderful! They were amazing with my son as well. We will definitely continue seeing them and will Recommend.

- Mary G

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Kyndell S

Best service I’ve ever had. Everyone was so nice and explained each step to me so I was aware of what was happening at all times!

- Kyndell S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Cherilyn B

Seem like good honest folks!

- Cherilyn B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Kristine W

Staff were friendly and the service was great

- Kristine W

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Joanna S

Everyone is friendly and accommodating.

- Joanna S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Reagen S

I was happy with my visit. They found my issues and set up a plan to correct them. See you in November.

- Reagen S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Zachary S

Great 1st visit. Looking forward to getting the work done and not having to worry about my dental health now.

- Zachary S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Bianca H

The overall staff was very friendly and polite. I felt like I was well taken care of and the doctor and hygienist took their time in caring for me. Definitely will be back. Thank you.

- Bianca H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Danielle H. H

I am terrified of going to the dentist and hadn't had a cleaning done in years. The whole staff were very kind and patient towards me and my fear of dentists. I will definitely use Minot Dental Partners in the future and will recommend to my friends!

- Danielle H. H

5 out of 5 stars on

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